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Building your dream home

Architecture, Homebuilding, Interior design, Construction management

Building your dream home

Involve an architect

When building your dream home, involving an architect during the construction phase is / should not be an option. The originator of your design concept / idea MUST be as intimately involved in the execution of it.

Many builders offer a set of house plans and models to choose from. Many allow the homeowner to choose different design styles and templates. Deciding on building a dream home opens up an amazing and extraordinary array of possibilities for those who have looked at these options and found that they don’t meet their needs, or that they just don’t fulfil their vision or dream.

Commit some time in the planning phase

When building your dream home, you need to prepare yourself to committing some time in the planning phase. This phase is where your unique preferences and personality have enough room for expression and begin to take shape. You should also be considering financing options and choosing a building contractor.

Degree of communication

One of the key fundamentals of custom home-building success is in the degree of communication between the building contractor and the homeowner. Building contractors who are experts in collaboration and are attentive to your needs really work to keep you informed. Insist on meeting your key contractor and make sure you are comfortable and have confidence in his/her ability to guide you through the process.

Check references

Reference checks and talking to previous customers won’t hurt at all. During the construction process, an innumerable number of decisions on the details will need to be made. In projects of this nature, there usually are some unexpected challenges, including the weather. So be prepared to continue your commitment of time. Insist on a project schedule for construction, communications and follow-through and assistance from your contractor.

Building your dream home demands some time and commitment but is always exciting and rewarding, after all it is a reflection of who you are.

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